Chickpea Magazine - Vegan Quarterly - Fall 2015 Issue

Chickpea Magazine - Vegan Quarterly - Summer 2015 Issue

The Kitchen Journals - Ingredient Profile - Parsnip

Taking Factory Farms Out of Higher Ed

Eating Animals Reading Guide - Supplemental guide to enhance the reading of Jonathan Safran Foer's game changing work of non-fiction

What Do All of Those Animal Welfare Labels Means? 

Opposition Campaign: Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor

Comestible Journal - Winter 2017Decolonizing Foodways: An Act of Resistance


Nonprofit Organizations

Farm Forward - Animal Welfare and Sustainable Farming Nonprofit- Marketing Strategist - work includes social media strategy(including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) marketing and communications strategy, feature writing, editing, publishing, newsletters and other email communications via Mailchimp, action alerts, press releases, website maintenance via Wordpress, Google and social media analytics, photography, graphic design (canva, adobe creative suite)


Food and Farming Related Businesses

Blossoming Lotus - Vegan restaurant, Portland, OR

Local 121 - 100% local foods restaurant, Providence, RI

Growing Gardens - Gardening nonprofit, Portland, OR

Southside Community Land Trust - Food and farming nonprofit, Providence, RI